Your Puni Lame-Ass Comfort Zone.

Do you sometimes think about to try something completely new? Like quitting the job, you are unhappy with. Maybe you thought about going to the movies alone. Or you just want to pack your backpack and get away, on your own. You get really exited about the idea but at the end you never actually go for it anyway. It’s that uncomfortable feeling what comes right after the butterfly storm in your stomach. That feeling in your gut that tells you to stay where you are. Better don’t risk it. There are so many things they could go wrong. You could quit your job and realise that you don’t like your new colleagues or even worse, you get overwhelmed with your tasks and fail. Or you go to the movies and feel that everyone stares at you. It’s probably because you are alone which is weird right? On your weekend getaway you suddenly realise that something went wrong with your booking and now you don’t have a place to stay whilst you are far from home. So if you think about it again it might be better to do it another time if at all.

comfort zone

It’s a comfortable one

By now you probably heard about the term comfort zone. It’s the one place where we feel safe. Where we know what  we are doing and the consequences of our actions. In generally people like hanging out in their safety zone. I mean I do. So why leave?

Too much comfort can make us lazy and kills our productivity. It is difficult to motivate our self to make real improvement while feeling content. But that’s not it. The worst part is that this safe place is shrinking. Exactly! If you don’t push the walls of your comfort zone you will get claustrophobic one day. So you need to get the fuck out of there.

I personally push the walls of my comfort zone because it gives me the feeling of freedom as well as more control over my own life. It’s the ability to think that I can do whatever I want – just because.

comfort zone

Comfort Zone and your Happiness

So let’s go back to the doubts and thoughts which pop up in our head every time we are about to get or intend to get out. It’s like our brain wants to protect us from failure and disappointment. I mean it’s kind of nice but what about our heart? The only way is to fight these negative thoughts. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong we should think about what we could achieve. New challenges will make you more confident. You will learn new skills and gain comfort in the unknown which will expand your comfort zone. More productivity and creativity are going hand in hand.

So what are your thoughts now about quitting your job, the movies or your weekend getaway? With the new job you could finally work on things you really care about. One of your new colleagues is crazy about gardening, just like you. You finally have the change to enjoy the movie you want without someone sitting next to you and commenting constantly. Your weekend getaway turns out to be super peaceful which was exactly what you needed. Time to think and relax.

Don’t let your doubts overshadow your possibilities.

Be curious. Be brave. Be you.

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