Why it is important to go on dates with the beautiful, unique and lovable you

Starting this week, I want you to go on dates with the beautiful, unique and lovable you. Take your calendar and colour out time once a week. This is just for you. No one else must join and no errands must be run. Just you. Do something you love. Nothing is impossible and nothing is too silly. Go into a store and buy some dinosaur and gold star stickers, some postcards, sparkly sequins, glue and some scissors. You might want to give yourself a star every day you write in your journal. Just because it’s fun. Go and get yourself a big bowl of ice cream at your favourite café. No time pressure, or judgement, just you. What about a massage? Did you ever go stargazing? Take a blanket and some hot tea and go watch the sparkling lights at the night sky. Spending some time with yourself has many benefits.

Get to know you

You will get to know yourself better. Take your thoughts and feelings into account above anyone else’s. Take the time to explore your personality in depth. Soon you will find out how awesome you are.

Appreciate the small things

Every day we rush from one appointment to another and make idle conversations with people just to fill the silence. But when we are quiet we see and hear things we don’t notice otherwise. I am talking about the small things in life we normally don’t pay attention to. Like the bee flying around a beautiful flower getting ready to slurp its delicious nectar. Or the warm feeling on your face when you look at the sun.

Do whatever you what

You can spend all the time you’d like to doing exactly what you want to do. No compromises necessary.

Become more independent

Going on a date with yourself will make you more independent and confident. You won’t have the option of depending on other people for their advice or opinion. It is all up to you. Scared? Don’t worry, you will do great. Being independent means being self-assured, so that you can bring that confidence to the table when you’re with other people.

Time to recharge

Everyone needs some time to recharge. Being around people all the time can be quite exhausting. At work, with family or friends, they all require your attention. Everyone needs some quiet time to relax and unwind. It’s essential to do this so that when you’re around people again, you feel refreshed, more energetic, and ready to interact.

You can get creative

There’s nothing like putting on headphones, listening to your favorite songs, and getting down to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, an artist, a musician, or a software engineer; we all have creative outlets and we all need to nurture them as much as we can. Being by yourself gives you the motivation and the opportunity to open your mind and explore new ideas, then put those ideas to good use.

Be confident. Be brave. Be you.


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